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Twenty Three

It's scary, just how fast time passes us by. Already, I have turned twenty three days back. Nothing elaborate, just quality time spent over quality meals with my loved ones, which I really cherish. Being a year older, it got me thinking more about what exactly I would want to do with my life down the years ahead. Typical life conundrum for the age twenties. Thing is, I know exactly what I would want to do - that is, what makes me happy. Trouble is, where my passions lie will not earn me a living. And that is so saddening and maddening at the same time, because I am such a strong believer of "people need to do what makes them happy," and that we should never spend a day doing what makes us unhappy just for the mere sake of earning. Because. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. And we should not live with regrets at what we did not do or pursue.

Life has been tough on me recently, but I try to constantly remind myself of my belief and tell myself that some risks are meant to be taken. You will never know what you can or cannot achieve without even taking the first bold step out to try. It is always the hardest to step out, but once you do, you may surprise yourself with what will come. And if you do fail, you still win because you get to learn, and grow stronger. And I remind myself of that every single day, to press on. I would like to pass that reminder on to you too, should you be feeling comprehensive about what you would like to take a step out in. Press on!


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