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Twenty Eighteen

I finally managed to revamp this site amidst the hundreds of things I have on my list of to-dos! Decided to start this page to share some of the incessant chattering in my mind and snippets of my life to make this space less stagnant (as I hardly have the time to create these days).

So word to sum up my Twenty Seventeen would be roller-coaster. Started the year with my heart completely broken from the end of a long-term relationship, proceeded through the year with work, paint, emotional breakdowns, laughter, heartache and tears, inner struggles, got the chance to have my paintings hung up in a gallery thus having my first exhibition, then experiencing one of the happiest moments of my life with the privilege of having my first painting sale by someone who appreciates my works enough to be willing to spend just so he could bring them home (he bought two!), dealing with toxicity at work and all the unnecessary dramas that came along with it, received more love than I deserved from someone who constantly tries and heals all of my broken parts.

With that, I am heaving a sigh of relief for getting through the year and feeling pretty pumped for Twenty Eighteen! It is going to be a really exciting year for me with a whole new start. New works, new career plans, new love, new goals. Definitely ready to take on this year, let's get started!

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