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The Better Half

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We have finally launched it - our very own bakery business, The Better Half. Initially set for the establishment of a bakery coffeeshop combined, I remember my partner and I brainstorming on the name of our business some time back last year. He came out with The Better Half playfully at one point, saying that this is a business he is setting up with his better half. We brushed it off after a good cheesy laugh, then I thought hey, that's a pretty good name as it really speaks up for what our entire business encompasses and is about! Apart from us being each others' better half, he's the baker and I'm the barista, and our vision is to set up a humble bakery coffeeshop to bring together what we are both passionate in - bakes and coffee, which happen to be each others' better half as well, as bakes and coffee just complements each other so well.

We went through so much together through this journey, and as with life comes complications, we eventually had to painstakingly forgo the establishment of the bakery coffeeshop we have always worked and planned so hard for. After a down period, we picked ourselves up and unwilling to cave in and give up, we have decided to have a very humble beginning by starting our bakery online. From here, we will work even harder to get our business picking up and with the same vision in our hearts, we will work towards setting up a bakery coffeeshop where we can bring our passions (bakes and coffee) together in a comforting space, and provide a personalised service to the community.

Yup this long read is the story behind The Better Half. If anyone ever reads this... know that you can get yummy bakes from us at! :)


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