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Where do I begin? I find myself visiting the past more often than not these days. Those wonderful, happy times when I still had the most precious and closest friends by my side. I know that everything happens for a reason, but I think I'm still stuck because I haven't found that reason and many times I find myself asking why it all happened the way it did. Lost everyone, hurt and broken. I miss what once were sorely, and it brings me to tears all the time knowing I can never have such bonds with anyone again. They say take heart in what you once had instead of hurting over what you've lost, but isn't it really the same thing?


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That is the name of a folder I have in my hard disk, containing all the captured moments of the past years of my life. Tonight I revisited Memories by happenstance, and it got me feeling a mix of emot

The Ugly of Humanity & Love

I guess tonight is one of those nights. Incessant mind-chatters, thoughts going to all of the deep, dark and sad places. Feeling an all time low on humanity and love, filling myself with never ending