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where art is made and created

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"I was created to create." - Unknown

The White Space is inspired by how every piece of work begins with a blank canvas, and transformed into art through the application of strokes, colours and emotions.

Hwee Ying first started pursuing her artistic passion at the age of 20 by attending a one year Western Art certificate course in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Specialising in Oil and Pencil mediums, she creates works in Fine Art and Realism styles, with the subject of her works mainly Still Life, Nature, and Animals. Her inspirations come from...read more

TWS Japanese Anemone
TWS Lion
TWS Eucalyptus Pods
TWS Polar Bear
TWS Protea
TWS Deer


New Phase

Works themed Beauty in Death

Held 6th to 19th October 2017

@ Merlin Gallery at Waterloo Centre

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A little space for my personal thoughts and life updates, to share more of myself as well as to keep this site alive. Read on!

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